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Pillars Of Faith Full Gospel Tabernacle

About Us

Pillars of Faith Tabernacle is a full gospel, spirit filled, nondenominational, multicultural, teaching ministry that desires to worship the Father in spirit and truth. We allow the freedom of the Spirit, while being a teaching ministry emphasizing faith, righteousness, and the demonstration of the power of God in our lives. We believe in God’s Word, the Bible, from beginning to end. We yearn to bring the lost to Jesus.



Pillars of Faith Tabernacle is a God ordained ministry that is called to teach, equip, train, raise up, and commission leaders in the body for the working of the ministry and the edification of the body. These leaders walk strong in the Lord. And, in the power of His might, under the anointing of God, will go into their marketplace fulfilling their calling as ministers of reconciliation.


Our goal is for every believer to have these signs following them: casting out devils, speaking with new tongues, laying hands on the sick, and recovering (according to Mark 16:17.)


Every believer will walk in the fulfillment of the same anointing that Jesus, the head of the Body, has: preaching the gospel to the poor, healing the broken hearted, bringing deliverance to the captives, recovering the sight to the blind, bringing liberty to all those who are oppressed, and proclaiming that this is the acceptable year of the Lord (according to Luke 4:18-19.)


This will be accomplished through evangelism. We will have home groups throughout Queens stretching into Brooklyn and Nassau County. The Victorious Overcomers will disciple those who will be set free from drugs and alcohol. We will grow in our missionary efforts reaching the nations, whether here on the streets of New York, or overseas. We will go into all the world preaching the Gospel to every creature, to the Jew first and also the gentile according to Mark 16:15 and Romans 2:10.


We will reach the youth of this land and have a thriving youth ministry, teaching young men and woman how to reach their potential in Christ without losing their relevance. We will disciple and train them to reach their generation with the Gospel, as well as signs and wonders.


Each home represented will operate in the demonstration of God’s love and power and will be houses of victorious testimony! Every husband will take his rightful place of authority as the king priest and the prophet in his family.


Pillars of Faith Tabernacle will be a sanctuary of worship, prayer and celebration! It will be a place where the Glory of God will fall. We will have healing and deliverance services where the community or home group leaders will bring those who are in need.


This will be done as every believer becomes a person of prayer. There will be teaching and training on how to pray. Once we learn how to pray, we will then pray without ceasing. We will agree to come into humility as one body in corporate prayer so God can hear from heaven and heal our land according to 1 Thessalonians. 5:17, 2 Chronicles 7:14.