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Pillars Of Faith Full Gospel Tabernacle

What to Expect

If you plan to visit us, we want to extend a warm welcome to you in advance!

There is no dress code; most people dress casual, but feel free to wear whatever you like, whether that’s a suit or jeans or something in between. Our Sunday service begins with contemporary worship music, during which time you are free to sit or stand or clap along or take a tambourine or flag. This is followed by our pastor’s message, which is always based on Scripture and always has the goal of its practical application to our lives. Before ending the service, our pastor prays individually for each person that desires prayer.

If you have children between the ages of 3 and 12, they can attend children's church immediately after the worship portion of the service ends.

Whether you are just curious or are seriously looking for a church home, you are always welcome at Pillars of Faith. We invite you to stop by for Sunday morning worship or during the week for one of our ministries. When you do, we hope you experience God’s love through the people of our congregation.