Healing Service


Sunday - 10 AM worship Service | Wednesday - 7:30 PM Bible study | friday - 7:30pm prayer/intercession

Did you know that God wants you to be healthy and whole in your body and in your mind? He sent Jesus to die on the cross not only for our sins but also for our sicknesses. When Jesus walked on the earth, He healed everyone who came to Him, and He is still healing people today! Psalm 103:2-3 tells us not to forget His benefits, which include forgiving all our sins and healing all our diseases. These benefits are a free gift to us just as salvation is a free gift through Jesus, who is not only our Messiah but also our healer.

From time to time we have a special healing service, but we want you to know that after every Sunday sermon, our pastor prays for healing for those who need it. Come expecting, and watch God act on your behalf!

Here are some pictures and testimonies from a previous special healing service.

Pastor Vincent teaching on healing before praying for people

Pastor Vincent praying for people at the altar

Testimonies from the Healing Service:

I was looking forward to the Good Friday healing service at Pillars of Faith, and was planning to bring my family and my neighbor for a touch of God's presence. Several hours before the service I took a nap, but when I woke up I had an asthma attack, which I didn’t tell anyone about. When we arrived at Pillars of Faith, I got excited to see all the friendly faces I see on Sunday and I knew I wasn't alone in my struggle. As the service started we worshiped God and thanked him for his goodness. I knew God cared about how I was feeling along with everyone there who had a need. Pastor Vincent preached on healing for about 30 minutes, and with each scripture he read I was getting full of hope. When he finished, he said that signs would follow the Word that was preached, and that's what did it for me. It was now time to get my healing. I went to the front and stood in line like everyone else, and at that point my breathing was not good but I still hadn’t told anyone. As I closed my eyes, I recognized that friendly voice of Pastor Vincent standing in front of me. He asked how he could pray for me and I just pointed to my throat. After he prayed for me in Jesus’ name, my throat felt warm and I was able to take a deep breath. He then prayed for my son, Nicholas, who had pain in his knee for two weeks. Nicholas told me that the pain was gone right at that moment. What a God we serve! I am forever grateful for what Jesus did at the cross for me--he saved me, healed me, and delivered me. Since the healing service, my breathing improved to the point that I was able to do 177 jumping jacks, which is something that people with breathing problems can’t do. I praise my Lord and Savior Jesus! I hope this helps someone that is going through a rough time in life to know that God loves you very much. 

 Eddie Rodriguez


Pastor Vincent called out healing for someone with sinus problems. I had sniffles that I could not get rid of for about 3 months and some wheezing too. When Pastor Vincent laid his hand on my nasal area, I felt heat going through that area. Since that day the sniffling continued to decrease and is now gone, as is the wheezing. I am thanking God for my healing!

Vicky Palau

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